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Art Haven Summer Camp 2019

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Choosing a summer camp for your children is a big decision. How do you know if they’ll like it, and what exactly are they going to be doing all day? We want to help you make an informed decision if you are considering registering your child for an Art Haven Summer Camp. Below, we’ll introduce ourselves, and tell you a bit about the really great programs we’ve designed for summer 2019!


Meet our instructors!

Hi, my name is Haley! I’ve been working at Art Haven since June 2018, after I graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours program at Queen’s University. I specialized in sculpture, new media, and painting. While I absolutely love making and exhibiting art, I’m more passionate about teaching it! My professional experience has focused on this area; I have worked as an art instructor for three summers, designing and teaching programs in photography and visual arts. Here at Art Haven, I work on all of the programs and workshops for kids and adults.

Hi, I’m Milena! This past year I have been studying Concept Art and Illustration at Algonquin College. In the fall, I will be taking a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Art History. My plan is to become an art teacher. I am so excited to be teaching summer camp for the first time this year! I look forward to seeing you there!



Now onto the fun stuff! Summer Camp 2019 is broken down into 9 different themed weeks with unique projects and activities. Each day, we’ll play some fun games to let our energy out, warm-up with a drawing activity, then dive into our projects. We will work on two projects each day using different artistic media, like clay, acrylic paint, ceramics, ink, watercolour, graphite, textiles or pastels. For more information or to book, you can go here.

Every week is a new theme. Choose based on your interests, or try something new!

Hollywood: Lights, Camera, Action! We’re making movie magic with projects inspired by iconic films and the creative work behind them.

Deep Space: Join us on an adventure to infinity and beyond! We’ll have a blast imagining just what exactly lies beyond the stars.

Storybook: Once upon a time, creative kids flocked to Art Haven to imagine and share fantastic stories. We’ll draw inspiration from classic tales while creating, illustrating and binding our own storybook.

Woodland: Explore the great outdoors with us. We will look to nature to inspire our projects, and even use it to create them!

Wizarding World: Does your favourite book series involve witches and wizards, a magical school, and the battle between good and evil? Ours too! Join us for an otherworldly week where we’ll have cauldrons-full of fun creating projects even a cranky potions teacher would be proud of!

Exploring Artists: Ever wonder how Picasso, van Gogh, Warhol, and Kahlo became household names? This week, we’ll be exploring some of the most well-known artists by learning how they created art that has been impacting people to this day.

Atlantis: Uncover an underwater world of innovation and creativity! We’ll use our imagination to recreate the hidden city, drawing inspiration from sea-life and ancient Greece.

Keeping a Sketchbook: One of an artist’s greatest tools is their sketchbook! It can be used to practice, to observe, to dream, or to journal. This week, our focus will be encouraging young artists to develop the habit of using a sketchbook daily.

Myths and Legends: Walk in the steps of Bigfoot, swim with Nessie, and dance with leprechauns! We will bring legends to life through every project.

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