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Cookie Decorating Workshop

Come join The Vintage Cookie Jar at Art Haven for an evening of Cookie decorating, Drinks, Laughter and delicious cookies.

Founder of The Vintage Cookie Jar, Naomi Walz, will hold her first workshop with Art Haven on the 6th of July at 6pm. She will demonstrate and teach this unique form of artistry, using techniques such as flooding, wet-on-wet and marbling. By the end of the workshop you will have a total of 5 large sugar cookies and a new artistic skill.

Naomi Walz has been mastering the art of cookies since 2015. She has been sharing her love of this unique art in the form of cookie decorating classes since late 2016. Since moving to Ottawa from Toronto just over one year ago, she has been featured in both the Ottawa At Home magazine and most recently in the 2018 Spring Issue of the Ottawa Magazine. In addition to teaching classes, Naomi also occasionally creates custom orders as well as designs one of a kind cookie cutters that have been sold to fellow cookie enthusiasts throughout the world.

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To find out more about Naomi you can find her online:




Cookies for the workshop by Naomi Walz

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