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After School Club Plan

Our last after school program in February was fun to host and we learned a lot about how we need to run it. We have made it a little longer and added new fun projects to it. Below I’ve written a short description for each day. This format will be used for all future After School Clubs we host.

1st week:

Clay hand building

On the first day, it’s important for the children to get to know each other as well as learn about the plans for the coming weeks. We will begin with a little game and then prepare to create our project. The project is a mini garden constructed out of clay and craft materials.

2nd Week:

Canvas Painting

The second week is all about teaching children how to paint on Canvas. We’ll learn how to hold brushes, how to use acrylic paint and how to paint step by step. We’ll all paint a relatively easy painting and play many fun games.

3rd Week:


This week is all about fun! We’ll learn how to make our own comics and draw unique comic characters. We aim to create three comic pages and play lost of games.

4th Week:

Ceramic Painting

Now that we have some experience using brushes and paint, we’ll do a little more advanced painting! The kids are taught how to create a basic drawing of themselves and apply it to a ceramic tile. The techniques taught this week are very useful for portrait painting.

5th Week:

Clay Painting

Our sculptures from the 1st week are finally ready to be painted! With all the painting experience we have now, we’ll carefully paint our art works and personalise them.

6th Week:

Alternative Painting

We’ve spent the previous weeks learning traditional painting techniques. This week, we’re going to turn it all upside down! We’ll learn all kinds of abstract and unusual ways of painting to create unique pieces worthy of any modern art museum.

7th Week:

Setting up the Project

This week we’ll prepare all the things we need for the project. We’ll create decorations, paint our base & write down a story for our piece.

8th Week:

Building the Project & Exhibition

With all our pieces ready to be assembles, we’ll put together our project and prepare for our mini exhibition. Then, to conclude our lovely time together, family & friends are invited to our mini exhibition!

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