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Why I love working for Arthaven

For my very first blog post I wanted to write something personal so I decided to write about why I chose to join Arthaven.

A few weeks ago I joined the team as a creative director and my experience so far has been stellar!

They say that the first impression is the most important one and I think I agree in this case. As an artist, the very first thing I notice when I enter the room is the colour scheme and atmosphere. This tells me a lot about the person who owns this room. Are they planning on spending a lot of time in that room? Have they designed it for functionality or for inspiration? The main room in Arthaven, where you paint the ceramic, has a very warm and welcoming feeling. The colours, the softness of it, inspire you to relax and get creative.

On my first day, my new boss Victor made me this incredible honey dew melon flavoured bubble tea and let me tell you, did that inspire me or what! I've never had bubble tea before so it was a new experience, one I will surely look to repeat. Just a perk of working here I guess.

My new team and I have designed s

ome new and exciting events that I can't wait to write about soon.

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