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Team Building​

Team building can be a powerful way for colleagues to socialize, build trust, develop strengths and work on their communication skills. We understand how difficult it can be to think of an engaging team building activity that not only breaks the ice, but also creates a change of environment. We take your transportation needs to heart and can offer you our team building package in your location.


Our services include a private event room, an instructor, ceramic or canvas paint. Please send us an email with any requests or questions you may have.

The Swap

What you get:​

  • $350 + Tax for up to 10 Painters

  • $35 for each additional painter

There isn't a better way to get to know your colleagues than to paint their portrait! At this fun and fast paced event,  each participant will complete a small questionnaire about themselves, then begin painting a self portrait on a 16×20 canvas based on their questionnaire. but wait there’s a twist – you aren’t the only one painting your self portrait.  Your teammates will be helping you out – in The Swap!

Tile Madness

What you get:​

  • $250 + Tax for up to 10 painters 

  • $10 for each additional painter​

Your team will work together to design tiles for a tile mirror – 14 tiles are included.This is a great project for a charity auction! Once completed we will assemble the mirror and you will have a new and unique artwork for your office. Each tile will represent what makes your department/company so special. 

Mug Twist

What you get:​

  • $289 + Tax for up to 8 Painters

  • $30 for each additional painter

We will provide you with a short questionnaire for each person to fill out -asking about their likes and dislikes. Participants will paint a mug for another person in the group based on the questionnaire. The twist? Nobody knows who they're painting for!

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