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5 Awesome summer camps near Barrhaven

While doing some research for our summer camp I came across several fun summer camps in Barrhaven that I want to share with you.

Art Haven Summer Camp

Our camp is a multi-media extravaganza! We have worked very had to create a summer camp that will not only entertain and develop artistic skills, but also form basic knowledge on the specific themes of each week. For example, the "True Artist Camp" will introduce the kids to legendary Artists such as Juan Miro, Rembrandt and Frida Kahlo. Then the kids are guided to create pieces of art that will fit the theme and make them masters of the medium. There are 9 themes to choose from and a whole lot of fun to be had! You can learn more here:

My Gym Summer Camp

This local gym (our neighbour) is a fabulous choice for kids that like to stay active. They hold many workshops and fun events throughout the week. Their summer camp is suitable for kids aged 4 to 10, and they pack in many fun activities such as energizing fitness games, gymnastics, arts and crafts, music and so much more. For more info please visit:

Kids Fitness League Lazer Tag Summer Camp

KFL offer a unique take on the summer camp tradition. Their action packed schedule is perfect for kids that like to get physical. Kids can take a break from lazer tag and enjoy daily activities, such as ball hockey, flag football, soccer, tchoukball, ultimate frisbee, floorball, and many more. For more info visit

Tiny Hoppers Summer Camps

If you have toddlers and are not able to find camps that cater for very little ones, then Tiny Hoppers is the place for you! They specialize in fun activities for the very young ones and have developed a themed summer camp to suit their needs. Their different themes are suitable for all tastes. If you would like to know more please visit

Sylvan Learning STEM summer camps

Sylvan summer camps are for you If your kid is a little bit older and would like to expand their knowledge on Coding, Robotics and Engineering. They are a fantastic place to introduce your child to STEM and enrich their education beyond the normal curriculum. To find out more please visit

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